We provide the finest Classic Car Repair in Lakeridge. Our mechanics and trained professionals always go beyond the ordinary, now ready to assist and help you within a more affordable cost and high-quality service!

Classic Car Repair in Lakeridge, WA: Providing The Finest, High-Quality And Affordable Services!

What Makes Our Classic Car Repair Company Is The Best Choice? The proper repair shop should specialize in classic vehicles, be highly experienced and utilize the most durable repair materials available. If you’re in Lakeridge, there’s no better classic car repair place to select than Renton Classic Auto Repairs. Our repair shop has been in business for years and receives all of its equipment from top auto producers. There are many tools and specialties available at this facility, including service to maintain your vehicle’s suspension, engine, transmission, and steering system, among others. This shop is proud to be one of the most trusted classic car repair facilities in the country.

Why Choose Our Classic Car Repair? A second reason to select the right classic car repair shop to help restore your vehicle is that we provide classic car restoration services. We will start by inspecting the car and performing a safety inspection to determine what kind of work is needed to be performed. The diagnostic testing is performed, and the work begins. Our classic car restoration work requires a lot of hard work and dedication to bring back to life the old automobile.

How Long Does It Take To Bring Your Classic Car In? When you have your vehicle in Renton Classic Auto Repairs, it will typically take three to four hours to bring the automobile back to life. Since classic cars tend to get a lot of wear and tear, this could be a long wait for anyone but is well worth it in the end.

What Are The Costs Of Classic Auto Restoration? Depending upon which facility you choose for your classic car restoration, the cost can vary greatly. Our classic car restoration facilities charge an upfront cost, which includes all parts and labor. Some also charge an annual or monthly fee, including the parts and labor having just one job. You will have to research the costs of each facility and choose one that will offer you the best value.

We Value The Trust And Our Excellent Work Can Attest To That!

What Services Do We Offer? Renton Classic Auto Repairs offers a variety of services to complete the job of restoring your classic car. Depending on the amount of work you have entrusted us with, we will work with you to determine the extent of the restoration and how long it will take. We may even offer a guarantee on their work and that we will do the job well.

Is There A Warranty On Our Work? Yes! Every classic car repair shop offers a warranty of some type on the work we do. This is to make sure that you are fully covered if something goes wrong with the vehicle.

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